Volunteer Positions


*Audition Required

Description: Color Commentary! We need funny, creative people who can let the fans know what is going on without giving away the game to the other team. You should know the rules, know the girls, know the teams, be witty, and speak clearly.

Time Commitment: In the beginning we will need to see you at practice A LOT! You need to memorize our names, numbers and what we look like in a helmet. You have to learn the positions, the rules and the flow of the game. After you become an announcing ace, we will set you free and just use you on game days.

Bench Manager

*Chosen By Team- 2 per Team

Description: Cool, calm, and organized. Bench Managers are a derby girl’s savior. Bench Managers must know the rules, know when to call timeouts, know who has how many penalties, know who works well together, when to gently push someone and when someone seriously can’t go on. They work closely with the team captains to write and run line-ups. They should work well under pressure and be able to figure out a line-up on the fly.

Time Commitment: Bench Managers should be at as many league practices as possible to get a feel for the game, the rules and the girls. They also need to attend all team practices with their team. They will need to be available to meet with the captains outside of practice. Managers are very much a part of their team! They will need to be available for their team’s game days.


Description: Someone to keep the tunes flowing during our games! Make it as fancy or as simple as you want. Just make the playlist upbeat and fun. You must supply your own equipment. There is a PA system at our venue.

Time Commitment: Depending on how many DJs apply and time your schedule allows, we will need you on game days only.

Family-Friendly Half-Time Entertainment

*Audition Required

Description: Bands, Dance Teams, Cheer Teams, Hoola Hoopers- If you have a unique act, we want you!!

Time Commitment: We want you to prepare on your own and we will use you for 20 minutes on game days only

National Anthem Performers (group, individual, voice, instrument)

*Audition Required

Description: If you can play or vocalize the national anthem, THEN WE WANT YOU! Individuals or groups, if you are local and talented-show us what you’ve got!

Time Commitment: If we like you, we will work with your schedule and use you on game days only.


*Basic Skating Skills Are Required

Description: Referees help keep the ladies in check. Referees must pass a basic skating skills test, a hand signals test, and written rules test. Refs need to know 48 pages of WFTDA Rules like the back of their hand!

Required Equipment: Quad Roller Skates or in-lines, knee and elbow pads, wrist guard, striped ref shirt with name and number, stop watch, and Fox 40 Whistle.

Additional Costs: In order to ref games, referees will be required to purchase WFTDA Insurance.

Time Commitment: Referees are strongly encouraged to attend as many league practices as possible. They must attend 75% of official scrimmage practices to be eligible to ref games. Additionally, they may be asked to attend team practices.

NSO (non-skating official)

*Excel & statistics experience is helpful but not required

Description: NSOs help track penalties, points, assists etc.  They document all of the action that happens during bouts. They also work the penalty box- tracking penalty time for skaters. If you have ADD, this is not the position for you- it’s very easy to get caught up in the game and lose track of the things you are supposed to be tracking!

Time Commitment: NSOs are strongly encouraged to attend as many league practices as possible. They must attend 75% of all official scrimmages in order to NSO at games.

Score Board Operator

*Tech/Computer Experience Required

Description: There is a premade program for the score board. You just need to know how to update the points and stop the clock for timeouts. If you are a techie, you should have no problem doing this. If you have a laptop, you are good to go. If you have a projector and screen we can borrow, we would love you even more – but if you don’t that’s ok too!

Time Commitment: As long it takes you to figure out the program on your own time. Then we need you on game days only!


Decription: Taking head shots, team photos, merch photos, and capturing the action at games! We are looking for photographers that are willing to work time for print!

Time Commitment: As needed for head shots and team photos, and on game days.


Description: To provide basic security at games. Ensure the safety of the skaters and crowd. They must walk the crowd at games to ensure no one underage is drinking and no fights break out. They also need to make sure no one is getting in the back doors of the venue.

Time Commitment: Security is needed at all games and public scrimmages.

Sports Writer

Description: This position requires organization, the ability to provide specific details, and they need to meet SHORT deadlines. They must write bout recaps and submit them to the The Derby News Network (DNN) and website with a 24-hour time period. Looking for someone with writing experience preferable with a sports journalism background. Helps to be able to joke and take a joke. (Examples of Bout Recap Written by Michael Frightened and Justice Feel Good Marshall Avalable for Review)



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