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March 2015 Home Bout Recaps

Ohio Valley Roller Girls take hard loss in 2015 opener

The Ohio Valley Roller Girls opened the 2015 season against the Gem City Roller Girls of Dayton, Ohio. Gem City jammer Supersonic helped her team get out to a fast lead in the first half as they outscored OVRG 69-4 at the midway point.  OVRG was able to gain some ground with 22 points from Flux Decapitator, but was still 55 points down at the end of the first half.   Ohio Valley kept fighting in the second in the second half, but with hard hitting and tight blocking from Gem City, they were unable to make up the deficit.  Gem City took the win with a final score of 211-106.  Top scoring jammer for Gem City was Supersonic with 82 points. Flux Decapitator took top score honors for OVRG with 52 points.

OVRG introduces B-Team: Wheels of Pain

OVRG debuted their brand new B-Team, Wheels of Pain, on March 8, 2015.  Their inaugural was against the Morgantown Roller Vixens. It was a rollercoaster ride as both teams volleyed for the lead throughout the first half.  Gnarly Manson put up 33 points for Wheels of Pain, as they squeaked out a 68-66 lead at halftime.  The back and forth action continued in the second half, but Bruisiana was able to score 24 points for MRV to give them the win.  The final score was 133-124.  Top scoring jammer for MRV was Deja Boom.  Top scoring jammer for Wheels of Pain was Gnarly Manson.


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