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Defensive battle between Rubber City Roller Girls and Ohio Valley Roller Girls

Hard hitting and tight blocking dominated this contest between the Rubber City Roller Girls of 
Akron and the Ohio Valley Roller Girls. Ultimately, it was Ohio Valley who proved to be the tougher team as they snuck past Rubber City in the final minutes of the bout, beating RCRG 93-85. Ohio Valley took the lead early in the bout, but a triple grand slam by Rubber City jammer Wee Hulk brought RCRG to within two points of the lead at the half, with a score of 43-41. Rubber City was able to jump ahead in the second half, but OVRG jammer Skankasaurus Lex scored forty points, securing the lead for the rest of the bout. Lex was the lead scorer of the game with a total of 47 points.


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