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April Home Bout- Recaps


Big Win for Ohio Valley Roller Girls.

The Ohio Valley Roller Girls took home a big victory against Dire Skates, winning 265-71. OVRG jammers dominated the first half, taking the lead jammer position in twelve out of seventeen jams. This secured Ohio Valley a large lead by the end of the first half with a score of 164-17. Dire Skates fought hard in the second half scoring 54 of their 71 points. Dire Skates’ top scoring jammer, Dragon Ballzy scored 27 points for her team, while Dorian Slay was the lead scorer for OVRG with 75 points. 

OVRG takes tough loss from NEO

A hard-fought battle from both teams ended in an OVRG loss to NEO, 149-108. These two evenly-matched teams volleyed to gain the lead in the first half, ending with NEO ahead by just 16 points, 89-73. Ohio Valley was not able to catch up after NEO jammer Masher Chief scored a quadruple grand slam during the second half. Masher Chief was tied for NEO’s lead scoring jammer with Blue Suede No Shoes with 50 points each. Dorian Slay was OVRG’s lead scorer with 48 points.


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