Ohio Valley Roller Girls Sponsorship

Become a Sponsor for the 2016 OVRG Season

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring The Ohio Valley Roller Girls' (OVRG) 2016 season. We are currently seeking support from our local businesses in order to continue our community involvement programs, as well as to fund our 2016 season. We are confident that your sponsorship of OVRG will provide your business valuable exposure to a difficult-to-reach market group, not to mention the opportunity to be part of one of the biggest trends in decades.

Contact: ovrg@ohiovalleyrollergirls.com

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Roller Derby Outreach

  • Fast growing, highly-visible, full-contact.
  • Fans feel very passionate about flat track roller derby.
  • Fans defy stereotypes. From punk rockers to soccer moms, our advertising reaches them all.

Derby Popularity

  • The sport of roller derby is reaching more fans than ever before, thanks to Drew Barrymore’s 2009 blockbuster roller derby movie, Whip It.

  • Roller derby is currently the fastest growing sport in the world and attracting more fans than ever. 

Sponsorship Levels

  • Sponsorship levels are affordable, even to smaller businesses compared to sponsorship of other entertainment or sporting events.

All OVRG skaters pay to play.

We could use support from your business to minimize our out-of-pocket costs for practice space, travel, uniforms, and bout expenses. Let us know how you can help, and we can help you today!



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